I am a designer, illustrator, and photographer living in central Virginia, and pursuing new adventures in Nashville, TN.

Since I was a child, illustrations and photography have enthralled me. From the early days of Corel Draw and disposable cameras, I have always sought to turn ordinary moments into milestones. I have found my greatest passion in articulating ideas from concept to completion through digital means.

I serve as the senior designer at Brentwood Church and a marketing graphic designer at Liberty University. At the core, effective design is invisible–it is organizing information and persuading an audience. I thrive in an environment where I can help build and refine a brand, and then push the limits of that brand every day.

I’m a hula hoop expert, Mini Cooper enthusiast-wannabe, and I’ve probably eaten at Chick-fil-A more this week than you have all month. I love to be crafty and I’m always looking for a chance to use my hands for my latest art piece, whether that involves cutting out photo booth props with an x-acto knife or threading twine through nails for a string-art display.