Designer, photographer, and artist in Nashville, TN.

Welcome to my portfolio, where I share recent design and creative media projects that I've been working on. I thrive in a team environment with innovative coworkers, working together to create solutions for event and brand designs.


Cornerstone Projects

These three projects highlight my strengths as a designer, showcasing brand and event design sustained across multiple mediums.

Brentwood Church 2016 Christmas

ADVENTure Through the Season series that carried audiences through the Advent story.

Liberty University 2016 Homecoming

#LUHC16 attracted nostalgic crowds of all ages.

Brentwood Church Rebrand

Church branding with a nod to the past but a leap into the future.


University Promotional Design

Below are a handful of projects developed during my time as a university designer. Feel free to click on each image to see more examples of the design.

Alumni Green Cord Campaign

The Alumni Department requested flyer, pull-up, poster, convo screen and myLU login design to raise awareness and funds for class gift donations. Graduating students could donate to receive a green cord to wear at commencent.

Christmas Ornaments

Each year the office of the President and the Development office send metal engraved ornaments of a feature building. In 2015 the building chosen was the new Science Hall and in 2016 the Center for Music and the Worship Arts was chosen.

Development Supplemental Viewbook

The Development office requested to revamp their supplemental viewbook for the packets sent to current and prospective donors. The viewbook consists of general statistics and history for the university and features silver foil and a soft touch aqueous coating for the cover.

2017 Commencement Pull-up Banners

The Office of the President, Commencement staff requested two pull-up banners for the Commencement booth which will be used for several on-campus events throughout the school year leading up to Commencement.

Commonwealth Games of Virginia

Liberty was commissioned to complete a handful of promotional pieces for the annual Commonwealth Games of Virginia which were held on Liberty's campus in Lynchburg.

Alumni Referral Program

This is a work in progress to rebrand the Alumni Department referral program. The office originally requested a flyer designed to fold flat with a business card pocket. The internal spread features a simple infographic and the card insert features a variable field custom link.

Ministry Design

As the Senior Designer at Brentwood Church, I work closely with the Creative Arts Director to create fresh and creative series campaigns.

O We Trust

Album artwork for the church's new original single, O We Trust.


Waymaker was the vision campaign for 2016, as God will make a way for us regardless of what we're experiencing in our own wilderness.

Mind Your Money

The church doesn't have to shy away from the topic of money, especially with this stylish series design.

Season Finale

Series Finale is a repeat concept where each Sunday is based on principles from popular TV shows. In 2016, the focus was the 90's.


What do you find lasting and increasing joy in? This Brentwood series demonstrates that joy is about resting in eternal promise and future hope now.

Panic Attack

A short series around Halloween to urge audiences to confront and defeat their fears.

Generosity Genome

A series on generosity in our talents and money.

In the Beginning

The story of how it all began: the book of Genesis.

At the Core

A vision series focusing on who Brentwood is and its goals for the future.

Personal Projects

Wandering Heart

A personal piece rich in symbolism and depth. Based on an old hymn, the string wound through the nails represents the prayer that as Christians, we would be bound to Christ.

Carla Jane Photography Branding

Branding for my wedding photography business. I wanted a timeless, elegant, but fun logo with soft, bright, and earthy colors.

CJP Bridal Guide

All Carla Jane Photography brides receive a welcome magazine to help them plan the timeline for their wedding day. This project features magazine and packaging design.