My name is Carla and I’m a designer, illustrator and photographer. With strong roots in photography, I picked up graphic design as a means to pay the bills. Little did I know that graphic design would become a second language to me. In its most basic form, design is simply organizing information. I thrive in an environment where I can help build and refine a brand, and then push the limits of that brand.

I’m a hula hoop expert, Mini Cooper enthusiast-wannabe, and I’ve probably eaten at Chick-fil-A more this week than you have all month. I love to be crafty and I’m always looking for a chance to use my hands for my latest art piece, whether that involves cutting out photo booth props with an x-acto knife or threading twine through nails for a string-art display. Most people are genuinely disappointed to learn that I don’t drink coffee — I guess something about the glasses gives the impression of a coffee snob? I won’t deny a chance to meet friends at a cafe, just know that I’ll be the one ordering the peppermint hot chocolate and muffins for the table.